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Interpretation Equipment and Services – Summit 2018

Interpretation Equipment and Services – Summit 2018 Verbatim Languages, Inc has been proud to provide interpretation equipment and professional interpretation services at Chairman’s Summit 2018 for a multinational company. The leadership teams from around the world were able to meet and communicate efficiently with the help of Verbatim Languages’ professional services. Equipment and simultaneous interpretation […]

Equipment for Interpreters

Equipment for Interpreters Although interpreters are highly skilled linguists who have a strong understanding of two or more languages, they require equipment to provide good quality translation services in multilingual conferences, meetings, and other events. Equipment for interpreters, which is called interpretation equipment or translation equipment, enables interpreters to simultaneously translate and transmit the words […]

Interpretation Equipment – Rent or Buy

Interpretation Equipment – Rent or Buy Looking to rent or buy a new interpretation equipment? At Verbatim Languages, we maintain an extensive inventory of the latest modern interpretation technology and can provide you with all the equipment you need to run your event smoothly. In addition, whether you are renting or buying interpretation equipment, our […]

Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation Equipment Verbatim Languages provides interpretation equipment for different meetings, conferences, private events, public speaking engagements, etc. It allows the speech to be delivered in real time, and in any number of native languages. The level of comprehension is much higher in one’s native language. You will need a live interpreter to work with the equipment […]

Interpretation equipment Miami

Interpretation equipment Miami Interpretation equipment Miami – Verbatim Languages offers top of the line equipment.  Our latest generation interpretation units meet the highest standards of efficiency and security. The larger display units offer better view and ease of operation. Their compact design makes them easy to handle and use. Our portable devices can be easily […]

Interpretation equipment – rental

Interpretation equipment rental As multinational businesses grow, multilingual meetings and conferences become more common and necessary. One of the major issues that often arises in such meetings is the languages spoken. In a corporate meeting, political conclave, international conference, workshop, marketing or business meeting, success is determined by how easily the participants can understand and […]

Interpretation equipment Atlanta

Interpretation equipment Atlanta Interpretation equipment Atlanta – how does the interpretation equipment function? During a multilingual conference or event, it is very important that all the participants of that event understand what the speaker is saying so that the event can be a success. Interpretation equipment helps to accomplish this task. When the speaker is […]

Interpretation equipment professional

Interpretation equipment 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Interpretation Equipment When it comes to choosing interpretation equipment, there are many options. Our team is a leader in the interpretation equipment industry, and we have everything you need. Here’s why you should choose us: We offer solutions for clients around the worldNo matter where you […]