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Serving the deaf and hard of hearing community

What We Offer

Committed to the deaf and hard of hearing community

The need to serve the ASL community is quickly growing and Verbatim Languages, conscious of such demand, has assembled a team of dedicated and experienced ASL interpreters that is readily available to assist the deaf and hard of hearing communicate. We understand the importance of ASL interpreting, and we are committed to helping the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Equal access

We also understand the importance of equal access for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in situations that require a thorough understanding of issues in all aspects of everyday life, especially in legal and medical settings. We are especially attentive in multilingual contexts, offering bilingual and trilingual ASL services.

Understanding cultural differences

Our dedicated and extensively experienced ASL interpreters help deaf and hard of hearing individuals get their message across in any setting. They understand the cultural differences inherent to deaf and hard of hearing individuals who sign differently in different languages. Learn more about ASL.

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Professional ASL Interpreters

Our ASL interpreters are passionate, ethical, experienced, and excellent communicators. Considering that ASL is a language all on its own, with its particular vocabulary, grammar, and culture, we recognize that the deaf or hard of hearing community deserves qualified ASL interpreters.

When interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing, our ASL interpreters shine with their passion for helping people. They are excellent communicators who are at ease when adapting to multiple situations to help those in need.

Their ethical commitment is one of their core values because the ASL interpreter is a responsible medium between speakers and the deaf or hard of hearing, who rely on the ASL interpreter to adequately convey what they say.

Our ASL interpreters have proven experience in many fields, including medical and legal settings.