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Conference Equipment

Considering that the equipment needed for each type of conference is different, our high-tech conference equipment has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. We are able to determine the specific needs for each type of conference to maximize comfort and unobtrusiveness. Our transmitters use infrared or radio technology to provide high fidelity sound and ensure an uninterrupted flow of communication between speakers and listeners at your conference.

Professional Interpreters

We provide reliable simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in many languages and specialize in conference solutions, including interpreters and equipment, for real time delivery of simultaneous interpretation in your own language from within a fully enclosed sound-proof booth. We use top-of-the-line interpretation equipment for the highest quality audio. We can adapt to your specific requirements, including the number of interpreters, interpreter booths and languages.

Conference Technicians

Our conference technicians provide us with the backbone necessary to deliver our high-quality interpretation services. They ensure that all interpretation equipment, including booths, audio transmitters and receivers, microphones, and headsets are properly configured and set up to ensure flawless and uninterrupted sound transmission and quality.

Ready for any challenge

Verbatim Languages has a dedicated team of simultaneous interpreters who are readily available to assist you in conducting your business and getting your message across in multiple languages with simultaneous interpretation.

Rent Conference Equipment

We offer creative solutions for your specific conference needs and, with careful planning and preparation, we can guarantee your success!

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