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Interpretation Equipment Rental

Interpretation equipment rental

Interpretation equipment is used to facilitate many meetings and conferences. The requirements of the meeting will determine what type of interpretation equipment rental is required.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment is essential at a conference or meeting with multiple languages involved.

Business and industries are now globalized. Companies depend on audio and video equipment for group meetings. In such cases, interpretation equipment rental is necessary for effective communication.

Nowadays manufacturers understand the essential needs and requirements of businesses and provide the best tools to make communication process successful.

A lot of companies prefer to rent interpretation equipment rather than spend additional money to purchase.

Most common interpretation equipment rental includes

Interpretation booths

Interpreter consoles

language distribution

There are two technologies used to wirelessly transmit language channels: RF (radio frequency) and IR (infrared)

If there are multiple languages, make sure that each language has separate frequency channel, and the audience needs to select the language they need on the receiver.

Choose a company that has been in translation and interpretation business for many years, the company that is experts in interpretation equipment rentals.

Small companies will offer and often purchase not professional equipment, which will provide poor quality sound.
Make sure to get interpretation equipment rental from a reliable and experienced company that specializes in interpretation equipment rental.

Verbatim Languages has been providing professional equipment for many years. The main location for the equipment is in Orlando, Florida, but there are various equipment “hubs” around the country. Some of the locations are: in Los Angeles for the California and Nevada market, Boston for the Northeast, and Dallas for the Central region.

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