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Verbatim Languages has a dedicated team of simultaneous interpreters who are readily available to assist you in conducting your business and getting your message across in multiple languages with simultaneous interpretation.

We offer creative solutions for your specific conference needs and, with careful planning and preparation, we can guarantee your success!

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Verbatim Languages provides simultaneous interpreter in many languages and specializes in Simultaneous Conference solutions, including interpreters and equipment, for real time delivery of simultaneous interpretation in your own language from within a fully enclosed sound-proof booth. We use top-of-the-line interpretation equipment for the highest quality audio. We can easily adapt to your specific requirements, including the number of interpreters, interpreter booths and languages.

Our interpreters are selected based on their educational background, experience, style, and familiarity with the conference topics. Our interpreters attend conferences only when they are fully prepared, attend pre-conference meetings and familiarize themselves with the topics that will be addressed at a particular conference. Our simultaneous interpreters are personal experts at connecting people and cultures, at closing the gap between cultural differences, and at making conference participants feel at ease and focused in the conference topics, as if the speakers were talking directly to them in their native languages. Our talented multi-lingual interpreters have the knowledge and expertise required to deliver first-class simultaneous interpretation.

Verbatim Languages’ high-quality interpretation and translation services help you get your message across to your intended audience with efficiency and accuracy, the way you intended it. Your audience will appreciate the end result: clear, accurate and effective communication of your message in your recipients’ languages.