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interpretation equipment

Verbatim Languages offers a full range of interpretation equipment to support multi-lingual interactions.

The interpretation equipment that we have will allow your meetings, conferences, or instructions to be delivered in real time, and in any number of native languages. The level of comprehension and interactivity is much higher in one’s native language.
Some sets of interpretation gear will work with existing audio equipment and do not require specific operation by technicians. Some sets of equipment are fully portable, while others are less mobile.

The technology is not yet available to accurately and fully provide real-time audio translation of an event without a human interpreter. You will need a live interpreter to work with the equipment to ensure the greatest level of success. It is highly recommended to include a professional interpreter who will be able to accurately interpret information and get the message across to your audience without mistakes.

This is of critical importance, particularly if you have an international or multilingual business. Professional services of interpreters greatly reduce chances of miscommunication.

With increased diversity in the business world, you need to be prepared to accommodate the needs of people who speak different languages.

The growth of international business relies on your foreign clients’ ability to understand you clearly. Our interpretation equipment will help you get the message across. It helps to avoid potentially strained relationships and even the loss of business  due to miscommunication.

Conducting business with individuals who cannot speak your native language can be a frustrating endeavor. A professional language interpreter can facilitate communication in a variety of different languages and allow you to focus on other important tasks.

Advantages of using Verbatim Languages

Professional interpretation services

Professional interpretation equipment

Accurate information

Cutting edge technology to deliver the best service

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