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Translation Services

Verbatim Languages provides prompt and accurate translation services from qualified native speakers of the target language. Translations can come in any format, including documents, reports, essays and web pages, and from specific fields:

Field Types of documents
Health Care Informed Consent Forms for Clinical Trials, Research studies, Health insurance documents and forms, Certificates, Expert Reports, Medical Records.
Legal Court files and records, expert reports, legal certificates, documents for immigration.
Immigration Translation of personal documents for Visa and Residence Applications, Corporate documents for L1 Visas, Evidences for Political Asylum.
Business Contracts, bids, insurance policies, deeds of incorporation, regulations, financial statements, human resources documentation, business plans.
Information Technology User manuals, e-learning courses, software, applications.
Technical Equipment specs, user manuals, engineering.
Advertising Creative translation tailored to the Hispanic/Latino culture for the Advertising Industry.

Our 7-step translation process

  1. Document review to study the terminology, intent and content of the material.
  2. Prepare and submit a written estimate to the Client.
  3. Upon receipt of estimate approval, a Verbatim Languages translator (Linguist 1) begins translating the final English version. Copy questions are discussed with the Client.
  4. The first draft of the translation is then reviewed by an editor (Linguist 2), who is a native speaker or an expert in the subject translated, to ensure content accuracy. Questions of judgment may arise and, if this is the case, the Client will be contacted before the completion of the translation.
  5. The edited translation is then returned to Linguist 1, who will review all suggestions made by the editor and accept or reject them based on the linguist’s research during the translation and on the objective of producing the best possible product.
  6. The corrected translation is provided to a proofreader (Linguist 3, but can also be performed by Linguist 2). The proofreader reviews the final translation to ensure typographical and grammatical accuracy and verifies that the translated document culturally reads as the original document in the target language and not as a “translation.”
  7. The final stage involves cleaning up the document and output of the final version. If no typesetting is involved, the completed translation is delivered to the Client.