ISO 13611 CertificationISO 17100 CertificationWe are ISO Certified!

ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services – Requirements for Translation Services
ISO 13611:2014 Interpreting – Guidelines for Community Interpreting

NEW Translation Services Standard
that guarantees top quality service.

Our ISO 17100:2015 certification indicates that we follow a recognized framework, with a series of assurance controls through a compliant management system. Certification in these standards shows Verbatim Languages Inc.’s capability of providing quality translation services through a fully traceable system.

Our ISO 13611:2014 certification shows that we strictly comply with the established criteria and recommendations for community interpreting in oral and signed communications. This allows access for people with limited proficiency in the language in which services are provided.

Conference Solutions

Verbatim Languages is an expert in providing conference solutions. Where experience and technical expertise are required, Verbatim Languages’ conference solutions enable us to fully serve all of our clients’ conference interpretation needs.

Interpretation Services

Do you need to get your message across, regardless of setting? Verbatim Languages is readily available to provide you with reliable simultaneous interpretation services complemented by skilled interpreters, savvy technicians and dedicated project managers.

Translation Services

At the heart of Verbatim Languages is a specialized and professional translation service. Our team of experienced translators ensures that our translation service delivers high quality translations with quick turnarounds.