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voice overHire professional company for voice over services.

Verbatim Languages is very experienced in the cultural diversity field, since most of our projects are converted from the English language into a foreign language. To accomplish this, we use a dedicated team of linguists, translators, interpreters, voice actors, editors, proofreaders, designers and project managers, who will turn your message into a language your audience can understand.

Voice over services Verbatim Languages provides:

  1. Translation and adaptation of script into the language required
  2. Supply/Direct and monitor talent in the required language in segments requiring Continual On-camera Narration (Lip-sync)
  3. Recording/Mix/Sync to picture/Layback in Digital audio at Verbatim Languages Studios (Includes bi-lingual audio engineer)
  4. Ambience re-creation/Foley in Digital audio at Verbatim Languages Studios

Individual Options

  • Create all required CG’s, L3rds for existing graphics in your language
  • Transcribe video/audio into written script for translation purposes if no script

Detailed Breakdown Creative/Production:

  • Translation and adaptation of transcribed script including translation of lower thirds.
  • Proofing (by client approved proofer) revision of script, rehearsal and make any corrections necessary.
    Supply of qualified bilingual audio engineer knowledgeable in voice replacement and high end audio recording facility.
  • Supply language consultant (voice director/audio monitor) fluent in the required Language.
    Supply up to three (3) voice talents.
  • Editing of the recorded voices to fit the visual elements of the original video.
  • Ambiance reconstruction, sound effects and lay back of provided music.
  • Create in the language requested all required lower thirds or keys with supplied graphics from Client; PNG files or client’s choice of format. (Does not include creation of any new open/closes or animation sequences, these must be provided by Client.)
  • The mixing, equalization, leveling and balancing of all sound elements.
  • Layback of finished sound elements to the language requested version of the Quick Time (Final Cut Pro) file or according to client’s specs. (BETACAM, DVCAM, File format, etc.)
  • 1 archive master as a backup for each video sermon (for Verbatim Languages only).
  • 1 archive of original recording (for Verbatim Languages only).Conditions: Client will supply Verbatim Languages with a Hard Drive of the original HD/SD master with all associated files (audio, video, PNG’s, etc.) or as a finalized video file with a clean copy (no L’3rds) and dirty copy (with all graphics and L’3rds.)

Verbatim Languages must provide the translation of the script in-house, since translation and adaptation of the script is a specialized skilled based on time parameters that must fit precisely. In order for the recording sessions to move smoothly, Verbatim Languages requires all scripts to be approved in a timely manner. Any audio that must be re-done because of my talent’s elocution, tone, speed of read or any fault of our own will not incur any additional cost.

When a recording script is approved and returned to Verbatim Languages by the client, it is considered “the final script”. Therefore client is encouraged to make any changes necessary before the script is returned and recorded by Verbatim Languages .

If changes are made to the script after audio has been recorded there may be additional fees, depending on the amount of changes.Verbatim Languages will provide turnkey services on a 1/3rd down, 1/3rd halfway and last 3rd Net due per project basis.

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