Voice Over Services

Voice over services

voice over servicesVoice over is a video production technique, in which a script is read off-camera by a professional voice talent. This technique, which is also known as off-camera commentary, is used in radio and television production, filmmaking, documentaries, business presentations, websites, video games, explainer videos, etc.

Importance of voice overs

Voice overs impact video production in several ways. A high-quality voice over is an effective tool for bringing your video to life and making your video memorable. It also helps convey credibility and present your video in the way you want it to be perceived – serious, funny, dramatic, etc.

  • When voice overs are used in radio or television commercials, they help grab the attention of the target audience and project the right message effectively.
  • When used in documentaries and training films, they effectively explain information or narrate an action taking place on camera.
  • When used in explainer videos that are placed on websites, they improve SEO and effectively engage the target audience to increase conversion rates, and decrease bounce rate.

Are you looking for the right voice talent for your video production?

We offer professional voice over services for businesses, radio or television commercials, in-store announcers, e-learning videos, training videos, documentaries, audiobooks, podcasts, internet videos, video games, etc.

Our professional voice talents are skilled speakers with perfect pronunciation and articulation, who can deliver your message in a friendly, credible and persuasive way to captivate your target audience.

We also utilize the latest, state-of-the-art recording equipment for recording the voice-overs, and have a team of experienced post-editing technicians, who ensure that your voice over is of high quality.

We offer voice over services in multiple languages. Click here to view the list of languages offered.

Voice overs are much more than just any voice reading a script.

Contact us for professional voice overs perfectly done by experienced voice talents.

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