interpretation equipment

Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation equipment is something your company might be overlooking in today’s global economy.

Could you be losing some of you best potential? The world is now our market. With better, lower cost travel and instant communication, it’s easier than ever before to put together an event and invite the world to join you.

Furthermore, you can now even host such events, virtually, thanks to the ever-improving online technologies available. But what about the language barriers? How do you solve the challenges of having people signing in from Spain, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, France, Portugal and the USA all at one time?

This is where modern interpretation equipment can make the difference between your big event actually being a big event – or a big flop.

With today’s interpretation equipment, you can get all the help you need to have a very successful event. You can actually rent the equipment and qualified and vetted interpreters for every language spoken by those coming to your event. This means that your attendees will hear everything in their own language with its own cultural impact, something that is often completely missed in translations in low cost, internet based technologies.

Modern technology means you can buy or rent simultaneous interpretation equipment with push-to-talk microphones, portable listening devices, full size or table top translators’ booths and state-of-the-art response systems for monitoring your audience and offering interactive questions in real time to gauge the effectiveness of your program. Learn more about interpreting.

This kind of interpretation equipment is what big organizations are now successfully using – such as at&t, BMW, SunChemical, Pfizer, Yale University and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, to name a few. Successful companies, organizations and governments are all using interpretation equipment to make their meetings and events the big, international successes they have become.

Verbatim Languages can offer radio frequency translation equipment, RF translation systems, RF or IR audio transmitters and receivers, portable transmitters, headsets.

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