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Interpretation Equipment in Orlando

At Verbatim Languages, we offer professional translation services and simultaneous interpretation equipment – both audio and visual for rent. Our rental equipment is reliable and equipped with advanced and cutting-edge technology to meet your business, conference or multilingual interaction needs in real time in a number of languages.

With growing globalization, increased diversity in the business and social setting, it is crucial that everyone is included and measures are taken to accommodate all constraints. The type of meeting determines the type of interpretation equipment needed. If a live human interpreter is needed (remotely) and /or ought to be present. Most of the interpretation equipment often works with existing audio thus requiring no need for a technician present. In addition, most of our equipment is extremely portable and free from hassle.

The most popular interpretation equipment that we offer includes interpretation booths, interpretation consoles, and language distribution.

Our equipment relies on two different technologies RF – radio frequency and IR- infrared both used wirelessly. In the event, that multiple languages are used simultaneously, each separate language requires a separate frequency allowing the audience to select the preferred language on the receiving end.

At the moment, the permanent home for our rental equipment is in Orlando, Florida, in addition, we keep and maintain a number of locations across the country to disperse the equipment to the consumer whenever needed and in time. Learn more. Contact Verbatim Languages, if you need interpretation equipment in Orlando.

At Verbatim we strive to deliver professional interpreters, interpretation equipment with cutting edge technology, accurate information to your audience in the right contexts and with professionalism.

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