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Interpretation Equipment Orlando FL

Interpretation equipment is used in conferences and meetings to convey the voice of an interpreter to the listeners. You have probably seen pictures of the United Nations were the international delegates have a little earpiece. Specifically, that is the earpiece connected to the receiver.

Here’s how interpretation equipment works:

At the back of the room, or in an adjacent room, a team of interpreters sits in a soundproof booth, listening to the presenter through headsets. They are doing the hard part – they simultaneously listen and interpret what they hear into another language. Their voice is picked up by a microphone, which distributes the sound through an interpreter console to a transmitter.

The transmitter acts like a miniature radio station. It sends a signal out. Each listener then hears the voice of the interpreter on the receiver through the earpiece. Transmitters can be infrared.

While getting ready for a meeting or conference, make sure to rent or buy interpretation equipment from a professional company. They have professional interpretation equipment to provide the best equipment and sound.

Verbatim Languages is a company that specializes in interpretation equipment. Small translation companies will frequently purchase a small piece of equipment however they often don’t not possess professional equipment.

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