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Attending an international conference or meeting is not always easy. Languages can quickly become an obstacle to exchanges, even for multilingual people. Verbatim Language’s translator devices allow instant linguistic conversion of conferences and business meetings on almost any device.

This translator device supports most languages. This translation device is equipped with robust real-time voice translation solutions designed for international sales, conferences, marketing, trade shows, and corporate communications.

This translator device offers the choice between automated or human interpretation, accessible via a simple web page and compatible with the main known videoconferencing tools and most operating systems and devices. As stakeholder comments are translated in real-time, face-to-face and online business meetings can now include people who speak their native language.

Two modes of translation

Simultaneous interpretation on the web

Simultaneous interpretation is now possible for their translator devices. The interpreter can, therefore, be a professional collaborator or a simultaneous interpreter located in any country. The audio meets superior quality criteria per headset and creates a live transcription and an mp3 file that can be overwritten in a videoconference after the event.

Are you looking for a conference interpreter to provide your simultaneous translation?

Do you need simultaneous or consecutive translation for a conference, congress or business meeting? Trust Verbatim Language’s translator device. translator device offers you a global solution for the implementation of human and technical resources (rental, sound system, and installation of the technique, translation booths, headsets and microphones, sound system in the room). Trusting Verbatim Language means benefiting from several years of experience in the high-end translation market!

By choosing automated interpretation, a user’s speech is automatically translated with up to 96% accuracy depending on the language and domain. The listener can choose to read the translation as subtitles in 78 languages or listen to a synthetic voice in 35 languages. A live transcription/translation is also recorded in a database available via the online interface.

Conference interpreter

The job of conference interpreter cannot be improvised! The choice of the service provider is therefore crucial to the success of your meeting. The average speed of a speaker varies on average between 8,000 and 10,000 words per half hour. For this reason, a team of 2 interpreters is required during a conference.

Their manager also provides conference interpretation and guarantees professional excellence in translation by recruiting teams that respect the ethics and professional conduct of the interpreting profession. Each assignment is subject to a confidentiality agreement that commits us to professional secrecy. Learn more about translation.

With this translator device, languages are automatically detected (useful in a group) and a conversation can be maintained without pressing any buttons. However, the application requires an Internet connection, although you can record “favorite sentences” for offline use, that’s about it.

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