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Translation device enables effective communication between people around the world. Translators and interpreters provide the transmission of knowledge. It helps to protect cultural heritage, and essential to the development of a global economy. Highly skilled translators and interpreters are key.

Looking for a conference interpreter to provide your simultaneous translation?

Do you need simultaneous or consecutive translation for a conference, congress or working meeting? Trust Verbatim Languages translation system.

Verbatim Languages offers a global solution for the implementation of human but also technical resources – interpretation equipment rentals, sound systems, installation of the equipment & translation booths, headsets, microphones, sound systems, technical support.

Trusting Verbatim Languages means benefiting from several years of experience in the high-end translation & interpretation market!

Conference interpreter

The job of conference interpreter cannot be improvised! The choice of the service provider is therefore crucial to the success of your meeting. The average speed of a speaker varies on average between 8,000 and 10,000 words per half hour. For this reason, a team of 2 interpreters is required during a conference.

Their manager also interprets conferences and will guarantee professional excellence in translation through the recruitment of teams that respect the ethics and professional conduct of the interpreting profession. Each assignment is subject to a confidentiality agreement that binds us to strict professional secrecy.

With Verbatim Languages, languages are automatically detected (useful in a group) and a conversation can be maintained without pressing any buttons. However, the application requires an Internet connection, although you can record “favorite phrases” for offline use. Learn more about the importance of translation.

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