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Sign Language Translator Orlando – Verbatim Languages is American Sign Language Translator Services Orlando is an international company dedicated to providing high-quality, professional and ethical sign language interpretation services at reasonable prices to the community, in accordance with the communication preferences of the deaf and hard of hearing people we serve.

For several years, our Orlando American Sign Language Translator Services have set the standard for sign language interpretation by meeting ADA requirements, bridging communication and improving the quality of interaction between deaf and hearing people.

Verbatim Languages is a role model for companies that employ national certified sign language interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing, in order to provide the highest level of American Sign Language interpretation services and access to communications available to the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing communities.

We are one of the largest provider of sign language interpretation services in the Southeast in all aspects of public and private life and were the first and only sign language company to be selected as one of the Top 25 companies in Orlando to date. We have clearly established its commitment to excellence in sign language interpretation.

A company behind its name

Sign Language Translator Orlando – Verbatim Languages is an industry leader in providing professional sign language interpreting services in the United States.

It also offers exclusive sign language interpreting services for cruises, large amusement parks and congresses throughout the country. In addition to the regular sign language interpreting services, the American sign language translation service Orlando has recently become a support service for VRS (Video Relay Services).

Through the creation of appropriate training, continuous testing and quality improvement programs, it has been able to adhere to its basic principles since its inception, “Expertise, Experience, and Excellence”.

Stick to the fundamental principles of excellence, expertise, and experience

Its founding principle of expertise is the driving force behind Orlando American Sign Language translators to recruit a diverse and highly skilled workforce nationally, in addition to establishing a professional development department, internship and mentoring programs, in-service training and professional workshops. It collaborates, sponsors and coordinates community efforts by creating a central office that continually respects the legacy, supports the current needs of the industry, while maintaining its visionary leadership.

The experience of Orlando’s American Sign Language translators have made it the sign language interpretation company of choice, with a clientele that includes all facets of government (federal, state and local), government departments, education (serving 4 counties, universities and private programs), medical and mental health services (main hospital systems including Orlando Regional Healthcare, Florida Hospital[7 main hospitals + 14 walk-in clinics + 23 satellite sites] and conferences and training (more than 100 conferences per year), major theme parks, concerts and theatres) to name but a few of the areas of entertainment.

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