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Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreter –  language that uses visual signs and gestures for communication is known as sign language. It is most commonly used by the deaf. It uses hand gestures to convey meaning. Like all other languages in the world, sign languages are complete languages and have their own unique lexicon and grammar. Even though it is an extensively used language, not everyone can understand it.

Role of A Sign Language Interpreter

If you have someone in your friends and family who only understands sign language then you might ask yourself the following question. “How can I communicate with a person who is deaf and only understands sign language”? There are two ways to counter this situation.

The first way is to learn the sign language yourself. Now, this can be a very time-consuming concept. It may even take you years to master the sign language.

The second way is to hire a sign language interpreter. A sign language interpreter is well trained, knowledgeable and experienced. They can fully understand different types of sign languages and can easily communicate with other people who use sign language. Sign languages aren’t universal which means that like English, Spanish, Russian and other languages there are distinctive features in the sign languages as well.

How Many Sign Languages Are There?

We have already established that it may take years to completely master a sign language. However, did you know that there are several different sign languages? You might understand one but what would you do if the other person hasn’t learned the same sign language as you.

Different sign languages might look similar to an untrained human being but in reality, they aren’t mutually intelligible. There are more than 130 recognized sign languages. In addition to that, there are other unofficial sign languages as well. It is believed that each country has its own unique sign language.

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