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Interpretation Equipment and Services – Summit 2018

Verbatim Languages, Inc has been proud to provide interpretation equipment and professional interpretation services at Chairman’s Summit 2018 for a multinational company.

The leadership teams from around the world were able to meet and communicate efficiently with the help of Verbatim Languages’ professional services.

Equipment and simultaneous interpretation was provided in 10 different languages helping to eliminate language barrier and deliver the message to the audience in their native language.

“The growth of international business relies on your foreign clients’ ability to understand you clearly. Our interpretation equipment will help you get the message across. It helps avoid potentially strained relationships and even the loss of business due to miscommunication.” says Myrna Aguirre, Co-Owner of Verbatim Languages Inc.

The interpretation equipment that Verbatim Languages Inc. provides will allow your meetings, conferences, conventions or seminars to be delivered in real time and in various languages.

The main location for the equipment is Orlando, Florida, but there are several equipment “hubs” around the country. Some of the locations are: Los Angeles for the California and Nevada market, Boston for the Northeast, and Dallas for the Central region. The company has also provided services in many other countries besides the US.

“We know that quality is important to our clients. Verbatim Languages has its own inventory of high quality, professional interpretation equipment for large conferences. The level of comprehension and interactivity is much higher in one’s native language. That is why it is critical for multinational companies to deliver the message in the native language.” says Vanessa Wagenknecht, Co-Owner of Verbatim Languages Inc.

Verbatim Languages Inc. has helped the multinational company to conduct 2018 Chairman’s Summit. Our company was able to get the message across, provide life changing experience, inspire women and men to cultivate the confidence, enrich lives.

The power in the business is because of relationships. So it is important to inspire and nurture those. It is important to be able to reach as many people as possible worldwide.

A unified global presence benefits all of us. Better engagement through more connections and better relationships are key factors.

Regardless of the country, regardless of the product, regardless of the language, culture or anything else you can think of, there is an absolute direct correlation between the growth of the companies and the connection between people.

Verbatim Languages enables people to come closer and communicate in any language.

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