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Interpretation Equipment – Rent or Buy

interpretation equipmentLooking to rent or buy a new interpretation equipment?

At Verbatim Languages, we maintain an extensive inventory of the latest modern interpretation technology and can provide you with all the equipment you need to run your event smoothly.

In addition, whether you are renting or buying interpretation equipment, our team of professional technicians can help you set up your equipment or guide you on how to set up your interpretation equipment (some people refer to it as translation equipment) at your event. Checklist how to find the best equipment for your next event. We also have the team of expert interpreters who are knowledgeable how to use the equipment to deliver a smooth interpretation at the event.

Interpretation Equipment Types

  • Wireless Transmitters – small, compact pieces that are perfect for small meetings, small conferences.
  • Wireless Interpretation Receivers – flexible receivers with high-quality sound. They can be used for large events or smaller events. They can be used with stationary or portable transmitters. Up to 10 channels can be programmed for various languages.
  • Full Interpretation Systems – consist of several parts: transmitters, wireless receivers, and console or booth for interpreters.

We know that quality is important. Verbatim Languages has its own inventory of simultaneous interpretation and audiovisual translation and interpretation equipment.

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