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Importance of ASL Orlando Interpreters

Communication is a fundamental factor for the human being and ASL sign language is a tool that enables the interaction of the deaf.

Sign language interpreters arose due to the need for the deaf community to have a professional who would assist in the process of communicating with the hearing people.

Initially, the acting was informal, that is, parents or family members of deaf people performed this function. However, for this to occur formally it was necessary that the American Sign Language was made official.

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What does an ASL interpreter do? asl interpreter

Its function is to interpret from a given sign language to American Sign Language.

The ASL interpreter is the professional who speaks the sign language and is qualified to perform the function. He must have command of the processes, models, strategies, and techniques of translation and interpretation, and have specific training in the area of his performance (for example, the area of education).

The interpreter must master the American Sign Language. He can also master other languages, such as Spanish, French or Dutch Sign Language. He listens English or any other language and interprets it to ASL.

The role of ASL interpreter requires that some ethical precepts be followed :

– Impartiality (neutral interpretation, without giving personal opinions);
– Professional distance (no interference from personal life)
– Reliability (professional secrecy);
– Discretion (setting limits on your involvement during acting);
– Faithfulness (interpretation must be faithful without altering the information even if it is intended to help).

It is very important that ASL interpreters are professionally trained and ready to work in formal situations. For example, medical institutions, schools, meetings, churches, courts, etc. Learn more about ASL interpreters.

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