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ASL Interpreter in Orlando

If you need ASL interpreter in Orlando, Verbatim Languages is one of the top providers of professional translation and interpretation services.
Verbatim Languages is an Orlando, Florida based company that specializes in professional translation and interpretation services.

Founded in 1993, we strive to deliver top language solutions and professionalism. Verbatim Languages offers services in over 100 languages from Bosnian to Afrikaans to Danish, we’ve got you covered. We also offer a wide range of services: conference, medical, court, American Sign Language interpretation, and translation services, dubbing, voiceovers, and subtitling. In addition, we also offer separate interpretation rental equipment services.

Our team comprises of qualified and experienced ASL interpreters and translators that fully understand the importance of the accuracy of their interpretation and translation delivery. At Verbatim, we take great pride in our work, professionalism is at the core of all our operations and we adhere to the highest standards and code of ethics set forth by the Professional Association of Court Interpreters and the American Translators Association.

ASL Interpreting Services

For years the ASL community has faced a number of challenges from being viewed as possessed by the devil to being incomplete beings. The deaf and hard of hearing community continue to experience stigmatization and discrimination, a lack of or limited access to equal education, employment opportunities, cultural recognition and other basic amenities and resources in the community, medical and legal settings.

Although a lot of strides have been made within the ASL community and things have changed for the better there is still some underlying day to day challenges. The ASL community continues to strive for a collaborative and coordinated response to help find solutions to these lingering issues.

At Verbatim Languages, we offer American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services. The American Sign Language is community is growing rapidly and we are committed to bridging the gap and serving the deaf and hard of hearing. At Verbatim, we are equipped with the right team and resources to help fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of the ASL community. Our interpreters are carefully selected based on a number of factors – expertise, knowledge, experience, educational and cultural background, etc.

The American sign language isn’t simply a mode of relaying gestures in layman terms. However, this is far from accurate, American sign language is a separate and distinct language that has similar linguistics to spoken languages such as English, Spanish, and the likes. Learn more about ASL

American Sign Language is equipped with its own rules, comprises of its own order, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and culture. We at Verbatim understand that it is extremely important for the deaf and hard of hearing community have equal access and inclusion. Our professional interpreters help facilitate communication in a variety of languages allowing you to focus on the important tasks.

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