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6 top qualities for interpreter | Interpreter Miami

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While looking for an interpreter, here are some important qualities an interpreter should possess in order to provide professional service.

1. Make sure the interpreter is knowledgeable and experienced. An interpreter should be trained in linguistics or interpreting services in order to provide efficient interpretation. An interpreter should have a strong knowledge of the industry, be familiar with words used while interpreting; hence be able to understand the meaning and content. You wouldn’t want to risk your business reputation or lose contracts because some words were not interpreted correctly. So get a professional interpreter.  Being experienced, allows the interpreter to know how to handle the pressures of the job and any problems that may arise.

2. Excellent listening skills. An interpreter should have active listening skills and the ability to understand the spoken words and their meanings. They should be able to pick up every word being said and interpret them correctly and effectively into another language.

3. An excellent communicator. Having excellent listening skills is not enough, but an interpreter should be able to communicate well with different people no matter their background or culture.  An interpreter should be able to express the attitude and feelings of the person that speaks and the person that receives the communication while respecting their cultural and social rituals.  Don’t show your own feelings regardless of your opinion.

4. Be objective. An interpreter has to be very professional and cannot be in favor of one party or another.  This means that an interpreter will not support one party over another, give personal opinions about a subject while interpreting, or repeat conversations to anyone. A professional interpreter will not accept any job that could trigger emotional responses or present a conflict of interest.

5. Be confidential. Most high profile fields or private meetings, such as medicine or law, require discreetness and confidentiality with respect to the matters discussed or touched upon. An interpreter should maintain the client’s confidentiality and should never share any such information with anyone else.

6. Show professionalism. An interpreter should arrive at meetings on time to that avoid stress, tension and more costs to clients.  He or she should also be dressed appropriately and professionally, as he/she represents the company.

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