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translator deviceTranslator Device – revolutionary new series digital wireless systems. Get the best optimized features and new technology. New product fundamentally improves signal stability, extends the transmitting range. This system increases the number of of simultaneous active groups in one area.

This equipment can be used for multi-languages events, churches, museums, stadiums, auditoriums, theaters, seminars, conferences, walking tours, bus tours, cruises, seminars, exhibits, simultaneous interpretation and hearing assistance.

Advantages of Portable Equipment

  • Multi channel transmission
  • It has 300 available channels with at least 20 channels available to transmit at the same time (simultaneously) with no interference.
  • Transmit 20 languages at the same time.
  • Practical and comfortable
  • It is very compact. Small size transmitters and receivers with lanyards. Just place lanyard around your neck for wearing comfort.
  • It has rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, no need to buy or change batteries and gentle on the environment.
  • Battery life of 20 hours. Use all day and charge at night.
  • Portable charging cases for 12, 35 or 70 receivers.

tour guide equipmentTranslator Device Clean transmission

It is a digital system, so no buzzing or annoying interference noise.
Range of up to 200 ft with portable transmitter. 3000 square ft with stationary transmitter.
In the unlikely event of interference, simply switch channels in the transmitter and all the receivers that are in the same channel will automatically switch to a cleaner channel.

Smart Technology

  • The system is smart – turns off after 20 minutes of no transmission.
  • It is easy to set channels.
  • It has a synchronizing unit. When you set the synchronizing unit to a specific channel, and place it in the same charging case as the receivers, all receivers will automatically change to the channel set in the sync unit.
  • Once receivers are linked to a transmitter, if the transmitter’s channel is changed, the linked receivers will switch to that channel automatically.

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