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translator deviceWhen you are traveling, it may be hard to learn foreign languages and accurately communicate with people. Money alone is not enough when you’re traveling abroad, because you need to communicate with people there for at least the basic needs. Thus, those who have language barrier, would find it extremely hard to communicate with the local people.

How do you say “thank you”? How do you ask for a coffee? And cutting-edge technology is proving easier than ever.

Sure paper dictionaries and bulky language books may be a thing of the past but at the heart of Verbatim Languages is a specialized and professional translation service. Learn more about what is translation.

Our team of experienced translators ensures that the translation delivered is professional and high-quality with quick turnaround time.

Verbatim Languages uses translator device and professional equipment that allows you to get professional translation. Hire professional interpreters and never get lost in translation again.

If you want to make your stay and communication with new friends better, especially in a new region contact Verbatim language at 90 W. Jersey St., Orlando FL 32806, or Toll-free: (­877­) 783-7228 Direct: (­407­) 288-8034 Fax: (­407­) 355-3912 and email:

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