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Translation services – Top 7 things to remember before hiring a translation company

1. Make sure you have a detailed discussion about your project with the service provider to explain your requirements and to understand their concerns.

2. Be available to address the translation company’s concerns when required.

3. Plan your project well in advance and provide for adequate review of translations. Never force the translator to do a rushed job.

4. If clarifications are needed, be available to provide the necessary information. Some parts of documents might be illegible, and some names can have different spellings. It is important to know all the details for the translator to get the job done properly and correctly.

5. Select a good reviewer with the help of your translator.

6. Do not submit incomplete documents. Translating corrections and additions can be expensive and may introduce errors.

7. Never try to piece together bits of translated material yourself.

Ensuring the quality of translated material is as much your responsibility as that of your translator. You can ensure quality by proofreading the target document to make sure that the numbers, names, dates, and figures are correct. You also need to share supporting documents, such as references and specialized glossaries, with your translator to enable them to do a better job. Most of all, you must set a realistic turn around time for your translators.

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