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Translation Equipment

translation equipmentTranslation equipment – high-quality interpretation is a necessity when hosting a multilingual meeting or conference, in which there will be participants who speak and understand different languages. It is important that all attendees of your event understand what is being said, so you need to buy or rent translation equipment to aid the interpreters in delivering quality simultaneous translation services.

So aside from having the right venue for a conference or meeting, the most important thing you need when hosting a multilingual conference is high-quality interpretation. However, the quality of interpretation at your event is dependent on the quality and reliability of your translation equipment, which in turn determines the success of your conference.

Therefore you should ensure that you buy or rent high-quality, standardized translation equipment.

Translation Equipment You Need

When holding a meeting or conference in multiple languages, you need several translation equipment pieces, including interpretation booths, interpreter consoles, mixers, transmission systems, and microphones and headset receivers for both interpreters and participant of your event.

At Verbatim Languages, we provide everything you need for quality and reliable interpretation at your event, from transmitter and receivers to sound booth, and even technicians and interpreters.

We are Florida’s largest and leading supplier of translation equipment, providing the latest modern radio frequency and infrared equipment for rent or sale.

Our equipments are certified and meet the ISO 17100:2015 standards, and our expert technicians will guide you in choosing the best equipment that will fit your needs from the numerous options available. Learn more about conference interpreting.

We guarantee that everyone who attends your meeting or conference will be effectively communicated to, irrespective of their native language.

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