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Interpretation Equipment – Translation Equipment

translation equipment, interpretation equipmentInterpretation equipment – translation equipement – while hosting a multilingual event or conference, you need fast and accurate interpretation of the speakers’ speeches into the various languages understood by the attendees.

Interpretation equipment is widely used for many conferences, business meetings, and many other events. It makes communication easier and faster without any language barrier.

Verbatim Languages has been providing professional interpretation equipment nationwide for many years, providing top quality service.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment (some may refer as translation equipment) enables interpreters to deliver a flawless interpretation at the conference or event.


Interpreters can hear and interpret, without the need for the speaker to pause.

Types of Interpretation Equipment – Translation Equipment

There are various types of interpretation equipment available for rent or sale in reputable companies like Verbatim Languages.

Equipment includes

Portable Wireless Transmitters

These are small, compact pieces that are perfect for small meetings. They can also be used in small conferences, where installing a full interpretation system is not possible. Interpreters can simply clip this equipment to their belt while getting their job done.

Wireless Interpretation Receivers

These are quite flexible receivers, which offer high-quality sound for attendees. They can be used for large events with over a thousand attendees, as well as for smaller events. They are used in combination with either stationary or portable transmitters and can be programmed to up to 10 preset channels for different languages, with each channel locked to avoid accidental change. Learn more about the difference between interpretation and translation.

Full Interpretation Systems

These are comprised of several pieces, such as transmitters, wireless receivers, and interpreters’ console or booth, which may be fully-enclosed or a tabletop. They are ideal for situations where portable or wireless systems are not sufficient or interpretation booths are required, and allow the flawless interpretation to and from several languages at the same time.

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