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Language Translator Hire professional language translator. Language translation and interpretation services have become very important. Verbatim Languages has been in business since 1993, and over the years, we have established a strong market reputation providing top quality interpretation equipment and translation/interpretation services internationally. We offer language solutions that can be beneficial for many businesses. From […]


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Language Translator Language translator – at Verbatim Languages, we understand the needs of our customers. Translation and interpretation are very important if you are doing business in the foreign countries. That is why we bring to the table highly accurate language translation services that can help you build bridges with international clients. Our Specialty Verbatim […]




Subtitles Subtitles are the sole means to provide understanding to the viewers. Subtitles play a major role in the success of a video/film business. Translating your work in various languages, especially the ones in which your viewers are familiar is the key purpose of our company. We provide professional subtitling services with the best equipment […]


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Audio Equipment – Translation Equipment Benefits of using professional audio equipment Using professional interpretation/translation audio equipment for any business can be a useful tool. Whether you are looking to present a business plan or an exhibition, using professional equipment can help you get your message across successfully. This is beneficial when you have a large […]